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About Our Patio Furniture Rentals
Hosting outdoor barbecues or fundraisers is a great idea for spring and summer. Find picnic table rentals, patio heater rentals and even patio furniture rentals; everything you need to run a successful outdoor event. Special Event Rentals will deliver your event rentals to the event so you don't have the hassle of picking up your rental equipment.In addition to patio furniture and picnic table rentals, Special Event Rentals also carries a wide selection of bbq rentals and cooking equipment. Ensure you have what you need to make your event a success with the right food preparation equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact a Special Event Rentals event planning specialist if you have doubts about your rental needs. Our event planners can help you identify what equipment rentals are necessary for your event to run smoothly. Be sure to review our helpful Event Planning Tools. These tools were developed by event planners for event planners so, they contain comprehensive lists and planning tools to help you imagine, plan and run the perfect event.