Renting Office Partitions is the best solution for temporary office division. They are easy to set up and to takedown. And no tools are required.

You book, we deliver or you pick up, and you set it right in place. It's that easy.

Room Divider

Another great application is to rent this product as a small-span Room Divider. The partition still offers a professional feel while getting the division you need.

You can use one unit for a small room or line up multiple units for rooms as wide as a banquet hall.

COVID-19 Protection

During this 2020 pandemic and flu season, protect your employees. If they are exposed between each work station, renting an office divider is a temporary safety solution. Its 66-inch high panel will protect them from the airborne droplets in addition to using social distancing.

During the duration of this pandemic, we have solutions that can help you meet your business needs. This includes setting up a long-term rental for your company. Contact us now to get pricing.

If you need a solution during the duration of the pandemic, we can help you with our long-term rental plan. Contact us to get a quote now.


Height: 66 inches / 168 cm
Width: 60 inches / 152 cm
Divider Depth: 3 inches / 8 cm
Depth w/ T-Leg Brackets: 18 inches / 43 cm
Weight: 82 lbs / 37 kg

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