Technical Info

Technical Info

There are many technical aspects to take into consideration when planning your wedding. Space planning requirements include how many square feet you will need in your venue to accommodate your guests, dance floor, DJ, Bar, etc.

How many square feet you will need if you choose to place your head table on a stage and how many feet of backdrop you will require based on your wedding party size.


  • For theater seating or standing guests, you will require 4 sq ft per person.
  • An aisle should be between 5 & 8 feet wide


  • Round Tables require 12 sq ft per person
  • Rectangular Tables require 10 sq ft per person
  • Cocktail Tables require 8 sq ft per person
  • Head Table requires 10 sq ft per person
  • Buffet Table requires 100 sq ft
  • Cake Table requires 50 sq ft
  • Guest book/receiving table requires 50 sq ft
  • Gift Table requires 100sq ft
  • The bar requires 100 sq ft
  • DJ requires 200sq ft
  • Band requires 30 sq ft per person
  • Dance Floor 5 sq ft per person


Special Event Rentals staging is rented in 4×4 or 4×8 foot sections. Depending on your wedding party size you may only need one level of staging or two-tier staging.

Your head table stage should be a minimum of 8 ft deep to accommodate chairs and walking space.

We offer stage heights of 8″, 12″, 16″, 24″ and 32″ however we recommend that you do not go over 16″ high.

We recommend at least 8 sq ft of staging per person seated at the head table.


There is a multitude of different kinds of backdrops one can have behind their head table. Many of the wedding planners we have talked to say that the head table backdrop is one of the most overlooked pieces of décor at a wedding. It creates a great ambiance for photos as well as framing the happy couple at the head of the wedding.

We offer fabric, pillar, and custom backdrops along with a number of backdrop accessories.

For fabric backdrops, we carry 8′, 10′, and 12′ high fabrics. We recommend that the length be at least double the number of feet as the number of people in your wedding party for example:

8 Person → 16′ wide backdrop
10 person → 20′ wide backdrop
12 person → 24′ wide backdrop
14 person → 28′ wide backdrop

Our fabric backdrops are rented by the panel. we recommend 3 panels for every 8-10 feet of the backdrop so there are no gaps between panels.

Our fabric backdrops also require the addition of hardware to hang the fabric panels, this hardware includes adjustable sliders, poles, and base plates. For every 10 feet of backdrop, you will require an additional center pole and base plate.

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