Delta All In One Sound System


  1. Set up the speaker stand (Tripod)
    • Extending the Legs: Loosen the lower knob and pull outward on two legs of the tripod. Extend the legs until the center post is just above the floor. The center post should NOT touch the floor. Tighten the lower knob.
    • Extending the Center Post: Loosen the upper knob and pull the center post up to the desired height. There are eight thru-holes in the center post. Locate the thru-hole nearest to the collar and insert the safety pin in that hole. Lower the center post until the safety pin sits on the collar. Tighten the upper knob.
    • Mounting the Speaker: For safety, two people are required to mount the speaker on the tripod. Lift the speaker above the top of the center post. Align the mounting hole with the center post of the tripod and carefully lower the speaker onto it.
    • Speaker Placement: Speaker should be placed in a location that is slightly in front of the area in which microphone will be used, typically at the front of the edge of a stage.
  2. Power: The unit’s battery will last up to 4 hours. If longer time is desired please plug the unit into an outlet and flick switch to ON.
  3. Microphone: You can either plug a wired microphone or turn on the wireless microphone that come with the speaker. Check speech and adjust to the desired volume.
  4. Audio Source (Optional): To use a music device/audio source, plug the RCA cable to the jacks labelled LINE IN.

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