Help & How-To

Help & How-To

All equipment is tested before leaving the warehouse. That said, in transit, certain items may shift and cause operational difficulty. As a result, occasionally equipment may or may not work as expected and sometimes there can be confusion as to exactly how to operate or set up specialty items.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the setup of your equipment or your equipment has stopped working, before asking for a replacement item, please troubleshoot your set-up.

Commercial equipment draws a significant amount of electricity and certain items need a dedicated 15A line. Failure of electrical equipment is often due to inadequate power supply or sharing circuits that cause the power breaker to trip.

Shield any equipment operating with propane from wind as wind can affect the operation of the pilot and burners.

Extension cords are not recommended for coffee urns and concession equipment.

Below is an extensive selection of Instruction and Information sheets on many of our items.

If you require further assistance, please call (403) 347-7733 and ask for our Order Desk.

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