Planning out your wedding budget is most likely the least fun you will have planning your wedding. It is very important to be realistic about your budget, find out the actual costs of venues, catering and photography in your area. Guessing these amount is the worst thing you can do when planning a budget as most things will cost more than you assume they will.

Budget planning is not a one person task. Unless you are the only one contributing to your wedding you will need to include your fiance and any parents that will be contributing to the fund. You will need to clarify who is paying for what and how much they are able or willing to contribute. It is very important to be upfront about what is being covered by your parents and your in-laws. Money can be an uneasy subject for some but to create a realistic budget you and your fiance are going to have to bite the bullet and ask the big questions.

Your guest list is a big contributor to the cost of your wedding. With most caterers charging on average $50.00 a plate for a mid grade menu how many people are on your guest list can make or break the budget.

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