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Delivery Day

A lot happens on the day of delivery.  First, we recommend that deliveries be scheduled at least one day before the event to reduce the risk that the time of delivery would affect the success of your event. Delivery schedules vary due to traffic, weather, workload, and other circumstances beyond the control of the driver.  Expecting everything to execute perfectly on an overly tight schedule invites the possibility of catastrophe.

Upon delivery, our delivery drivers will count-in your items with you. At this time, make sure that all equipment is operating. If you are not satisfied with the condition of your equipment, provide notice at that time so that it can be corrected.  Time is of the essence! Events do not wait for anyone, and it can take half of a day to get a crew back out to your event if something needs correction or replacement.

Sign the delivery invoice only when you are sure everything has been delivered.  The signed invoice verifies the delivery is complete, and anything found missing afterward is subject to a replacement charge.

Damage to hardwood, tile, stone flooring, patios, tennis courts, driveways, walkways, underground utilities is possible. Crews are also not equipped to deliver inside buildings and damage may occur to interior floors, walls, and fixtures.

Deliveries are made to an area readily accessible to our trucks. If you require the crew to carry the equipment over a long distance, need delivery upstairs, via elevator or otherwise, please ask for a specific quote to avoid ‘surprise’ charges after the event. Repeated delivery or pick-up attempts are also subject to charge, so please ensure proper access for our vehicles is available.

Tent Events

For tented events, the client is responsible for securing permission to use the site and install the tents. They must also clear the area of obstructions before we arrive and have the area marked for underground utilities. Expect to have incidental damage to the surface, as tent poles and stakes support significant loads and will mark, dent, and scratch the surface upon which the tent is installed.

We install our tents where you want them. Please recognize that the work area extends 10’ beyond the tent perimeter to allow room for installers to operate. Items within 10’ of the tent, including gardens and landscaping, are at risk for accidental damage. Our crews use large, heavy tools and long aluminum poles. They do everything in their power not to cause any damage to flowers, shrubbery, lamps, etc, but accidents still happen occasionally. Where possible, please remove items from the general area that could be damaged in the process.

Project Management

For larger events, you will have an Event Coordinator who will oversee the installation with you. The Event Coordinator ensures that all the equipment is set-up as planned, per the applicable CAD drawing and contract. At mid-sized events, the Event Coordinator will set the set-up plan in motion with the set-up crew, and then leave you to count-in with the delivery driver.  For large events, the Event Coordinator will attend the set-up and meet with you at the end of the set-up to ensure your satisfaction with all the details.

*Service not offered at all locations, please contact us for more information or a referral to a company that does provide this service*

Equipment Return

All rental items must be ready for pick up at scheduled times. The event area must be free of any obstructions before we arrive to take the tent down, and tents must be emptied of all non-Special Event Rentals items. Dishware and other small items must be rinsed and repacked into their delivery containers.

It is common to have missing equipment after an event due to the number of people handling the equipment, including your guests, caterer, site personnel, cleaning crews, and other people working at the event. Often, equipment is unattended overnight. Unfortunately, you cannot know what all these people are doing, or what happens to the equipment when you are not there, but the client remains responsible for missing and damaged items until pick-up. Charges for missing equipment are normal but often come as a shock to those outside the event industry. For your own satisfaction, it is best for you to count-in the equipment with our driver at pick-up so that you can verify any missing equipment at that time.

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