How to Rent

How to Rent

Special Event Rentals makes renting easy. Whether you need to rent dinnerware for a personal party or are planning a corporate open house we have expert staff ready to assist you. The rental process starts the moment you call us or come and visit one of our amazing showrooms. Special Event Rentals will make the entire process as easy as possible by working with you to take your vision from idea to reality.

You may know exactly what you need to make your event a success. In that case, it’s as easy as calling us, coming into one of our locations, or submitting an online quote request.

We will create a quote for the rental items you want plus any services including delivery and pick-up or set up and take down that you may need us to take care of. When you have reviewed your quote and are ready to reserve the rental items, we require a valid credit card on file and a deposit equal to 50% of the rental charges. You can continue to make any changes to the order after you place your deposit.

A week prior to your event you will receive a confirmation email and be able to electronically confirm your order or make changes to the number of items you have rented. It is extremely important you review your order thoroughly, checking the event date, items rented, and if your order is to be delivered the delivery address, times, and instructions. This review will help us ensure your event is a success.

Full payment is due 2 days prior to delivery or if you are coming to Special Event Rentals to pick up your order we will collect payment when you pick up. Due to the theft of rental items, we do require the person picking up to show a valid ID to our customer service staff.

If your order is to be delivered we will stack the items at ground level. Additional charges may apply if our delivery crew needs to carry items up or downstairs or use an elevator.  After your event, the rental order will need to be placed in the same location.

We check all of our rental equipment before it leaves our warehouse but on occasion, you may have issues with an item you’ve rented. Test all equipment as soon as possible, count the items and notify us immediately of any problems.  You can get hold of our 24-hour emergency line by calling the location you rented from and following the instructions.

When your order returns to Special Event Rentals it is counted in and if there are any missing items, it will be double-checked by a supervisor. You will be charged for any missing items but will receive a refund if you bring them back to Special Event Rentals within 30 days.

At any time throughout the rental process please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Every customer's needs, goals and objectives are unique. So our job is to listen, to understand those needs and then develop an event plan that meets those desires. To help us do that, we need to understand your vision for your event. And you may be surprised, but outdoor events are often more expensive that those held at indoor facilities because of the need to create the facilities to do the things that are routinely handled at a hotel or event center.

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Special Event Rentals can help bring your vision to life by helping you design, layout and plan your event. We start by having a professional site review with a rental expert, and then design your event on our CAD system. Once this step is complete, Special Event Rentals will be able to show you 3-D renderings of your event. The idea is to put creative ideas together on CAD, and then see them come to life on site. The process of site analysis, measurement, CAD design and review helps ensure the everything is set the way you want it, that it all fits on the site, provides you the security that the set-up will go exactly as planned.

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A lot happens on the day of delivery. First, we recommend that deliveries be scheduled at least one day before the event to reduce the risk that the time of delivery would affect the success of your event. Delivery schedules vary due to traffic, weather, workload and other circumstances beyond the control of the driver. Expecting everything to execute perfectly on an overly tight schedule invites the possibility for catastrophe.

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We’ll be honest. The most exasperating part of being in the equipment rental business is having missing equipment at the end of the event. We would love for all of our clients to be present at the pick-up so that we could count-in the items together, but unfortunately it rarely happens. Generally, we are left to count-in the items ourselves, and we find shortages. When this happens, both sides are left to question what happened to the equipment, for which we bill retail replacement cost.

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Several methods exist to reduce the risk of set-up errors, equipment failure or a change in event conditions. These items include proper planning, completing set-ups during vendor business hours, providing safety time before the event, duplicating critical equipment where a single point failure would stop the event, adding professional service to tend the equipment, and placing a contingency order.

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